Friday, 3 June 2011

Kitchen update

The kitchen has been finished for a while now, but I havent posted any pics until now.
This terramundi was given to us as a wedding present, it can hold up to £400 in pound coins. It currently has approximately £50 in it and I intend to carry on 'feeding'. Its a shame it will have to be smashed to get the money out. It lives on my kitchen window.
This jug is one of my favourite things, again its on my kitchen windowsill and filled with santini - a bargain price of a £1 at Morrisons.
This is other side of the jug, I had to have the light on, but you still can really see how lovely the colours are, it was a car boot find some years ago.

This lovely pine shelving unit holds my devon pottery and other bits of pottery, the walls are now painted a pale grey/blue - they used to be bright yellow!
The big jug on the top shelf is native american art and was given to me by my Aunt who lived in the states for over 40 years and the other jug on the top shelf is from prinknash abbey - great pottery. Below is my collection of seagull themed devon pottery.
More devon pottery, the dark blue is more unusual and the spotty was produced after Princess Margaret visited the potteries wearing such a spotty dress. All the devon pottery was given to my by Mum, she used to collect it, but decided she only wanted the green/brown. It was originally produced as cheap souvenirs for the tourists, but now has become collectable.


  1. love all the pottery!
    i collect boscastle, chessell and tremar pottery :)

  2. I think that once you start collecting your favourite things it's very difficult to stop. Your collection is all the more valuable in that it reminds you of your family.

    Love from Mum

    Ps I, too, dream of a cottage by the sea.

  3. who can resist blue china!

  4. No! Don't smash your pot to get the money out. Insert a wide knife, and the pound coins just come sliding out on the knife...been there, done that - been desperate!