Monday, 6 June 2011

Its been a peaceful week...............

the past week has been a more peaceful ( than usual) week for beloved and I as T has spent the half term at his grandparents in Cornwall. We collected him at the half way point on Sunday - he has had a wonderful time and has been to the zoo and the beach, as well as spending lots of time, playing, gardening and riding his bike with his cousins and Auntie. I am so happy that he had a great time and it means so much that he has this great relationship with my family, as we do not see them very often. We are now making plans for the summer holiday and T wants to visit again, my parents are delighted to have him again and it will really help with the childcare over the long holiday. The only downside - the cost of the petrol to transport him! My local petrol station (Morrisons) has unleaded at £132.9, which doesnt seem to bad in comparison to other suppliers at the moment.

T is back to school tomorrow and excited about this! He is very keen to see his friends. Beloved is also very happy as he has found someone to buy all his brewing gear for £130, its probably worth more, but he has cut his losses. I am giving serious consideration to have a car boot to raise a bit more cash and get rid of more stuff (clutter). At least we have saved a little money for the last couple of days - we havent needed to water the garden given all the rain we have had here, although I do think we are probably heading for a much drier summer. In all a positive week.
Bright Blessings x


  1. I remember staying at my grandparents house over the school holidays, I loved it. T will have a lot of good memories, and lots of stories to tell his friends at school.

  2. Here you are! ;o)

    I've been looking for you, and I was so pleased to see you comment on Mean queens blog, that I came straight over :o)

    Love your blog header, did you paint it yourself?
    I'm so pleased that it's not just me that gets tired of their blog!
    I know what you mean about the fresh starts! I've changed my blog name 3 times now!
    A car boot is a good idea, i'd do more myself, but I hate doing them on my own, and one of us always has to be looking after our eldest daughter :(
    Wish I lived nearer, I'd do one with you :o)

    You know your pot with the money in? Well, can't you get the doshout with a knife poking through the slit, and balancing the coins on it?
    On second thoughts, if you didn't know how to do that and you *can* do it, I shouldn't have said anything lol.
    Oh well, you just keep saving in it it'll soon add up!

    Have a great week,
    Donna x

  3. My eldest daughter loved going to her granparents during the holidays - and they only lived in the next town. By the time the others came along there were too many g'children to go round. Car boots really make money. I wish I had had time when we sold the house. Gumtree is really good too. There is no point in us looking at petrol prices here - they are all horrifying ! xxx

  4. I love a good boot sale - but I really need to be selling and not buying. May have a problem with that tho' as we don't have a car!! How lovely for T to have a great relationship with his g/parents. Sounds like he has a lot of fun!

  5. There is a special bond between grandparents and a child. T is lucky to be able to experience that..
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