Monday, 27 June 2011

Harvesting and new arrival

It has been a busy few weeks in the dub household, mainly as we have had to look for a new car!! We have now found one and this will be arriving tomorrow.
Yes, a renault megane scenic - I hasten to add this is not our car, I found this image on gumtree. Our Saab has reached the end of the road - ha ha! We have spent the last couple of weeks researching and looking for the right car for us. The scenic will give us the room we need, but is cheaper on the road tax and running costs, it is also a smaller engine. I know it is probably not the best time for us to get a car, but we do need one. We did sit down and discuss not having a car, but at the current time it is not practical at the moment. We did discuss getting public transport, but rail travel is expensive and the bus service in MK is not ideal - there is no service that would be suitable for me to get T to school and then get to and from work at the times I need.

On a completely different note, T and I harvested our potatoes yesterday.
I am not sure what type of potatoes these are, I think the pinks are pink fir, the whites are very waxy and were lovely - had some tonight for dinner. We harvested 5lbs in all so not bad for 3 potato bags and a reused compost bag. Now we will be harvesting the garlic, this is the first time I have grown garlic. I have also been given a small 3 tier greenhouse and I will be planning more veg for next year.
Not bad for a freebie, mine is very similar to this one from Tescos.


  1. What a lovely little car, very smart!
    I love your photo harvest, fancy putting them on someones plate when they come for supper, wouldnt they be surprised and impressed :-)

  2. a friend of mine done away with her car for awhile but eventually decided she couldn't do without it......its hard to imagine how we ever managed without them. Loving the harvest :) isn't it amazing to dig up and cook your own spuds oh and the taste is devine..........a little bit of heaven on your mouth x x x

  3. Those potatoes look lovely.

    Sue xx

  4. Yes I tried without a car for a time before we came here. Modern society and life just make it too difficult though. Lovely potato crop - not sure if those red ones are pink firs though - red duke of York maybe? I had a wee greenhouse like that and it was working really well until the cover ripped off in one of our spring gales. I got a replacement cover from eBay though, so tomatoes might just happen. xxx

  5. I just love newly harvested potatoes, there is nothing quite like them. I got addicted to them smothered in pesto last summer, so yummy!
    We started growing garlic last year, it is so nice, especially the leaves! I had one of those little greenhouses here too, but it literally took off last spring, last seen heading south over the fields! Happy growing, and thankyou so much for your kind thoughts on my blog. Take care, Liz x

  6. Your potato harvest looks great :o)

    We just had to sort our cars out. And like yourselves, unfortunately we live in an area where public transport just doesn't wash :o(

    Nowadays, you need a car for just about everything. An expense lots of us could do without, but as you say public transport is even more expensive :o(

    Good luck with your green house..
    Have a great week,
    Donna x