Monday, 27 June 2011

Harvesting and new arrival

It has been a busy few weeks in the dub household, mainly as we have had to look for a new car!! We have now found one and this will be arriving tomorrow.
Yes, a renault megane scenic - I hasten to add this is not our car, I found this image on gumtree. Our Saab has reached the end of the road - ha ha! We have spent the last couple of weeks researching and looking for the right car for us. The scenic will give us the room we need, but is cheaper on the road tax and running costs, it is also a smaller engine. I know it is probably not the best time for us to get a car, but we do need one. We did sit down and discuss not having a car, but at the current time it is not practical at the moment. We did discuss getting public transport, but rail travel is expensive and the bus service in MK is not ideal - there is no service that would be suitable for me to get T to school and then get to and from work at the times I need.

On a completely different note, T and I harvested our potatoes yesterday.
I am not sure what type of potatoes these are, I think the pinks are pink fir, the whites are very waxy and were lovely - had some tonight for dinner. We harvested 5lbs in all so not bad for 3 potato bags and a reused compost bag. Now we will be harvesting the garlic, this is the first time I have grown garlic. I have also been given a small 3 tier greenhouse and I will be planning more veg for next year.
Not bad for a freebie, mine is very similar to this one from Tescos.

Friday, 17 June 2011


I have been rediscovering many things recently. For one, I have rediscovered my love of books and reading. For a long time, I never seemed to have enough time to read due to working, T and life in general, but recently following a trip to the library, I have started to make time to read and really look forward to the regular trips to the library with T. We are fortunate that there is a small sub library only a 5 minute walk away. T also loves the library, I hope the council dont close this small library due to the cuts.

I have also rediscovered an old school friend via facebook - I dont really like FB and dont really frequent it. Its been lovely to reminisce about old times and I hope that we will be able to remain in contact and meet up at some point. We were very close. I have also rediscovered what it is like to live without a car - it has played up a couple of times and it was a struggle to get to work without it. I am expected to have a car for my job, as at times I am required to go on prison visits. We are reaching the point of probably having to get another car, but every time I think about spending money to buy a car, it makes me feel very anxious!!

Finally, I have relived my days camping whilst in the girl guides. We borrowed a heap of camping gear and went away last weekend to a local campsite to see how we got on and whether we liked it. Well we did and had a fantastic time. We are planning to gradually buy some second hand camping gear and get away as often as we can. It can certainly be a cheap holiday and we are already making plans to get away to Somerset in August for a weekend.
Bright Blessings x

Monday, 6 June 2011

Its been a peaceful week...............

the past week has been a more peaceful ( than usual) week for beloved and I as T has spent the half term at his grandparents in Cornwall. We collected him at the half way point on Sunday - he has had a wonderful time and has been to the zoo and the beach, as well as spending lots of time, playing, gardening and riding his bike with his cousins and Auntie. I am so happy that he had a great time and it means so much that he has this great relationship with my family, as we do not see them very often. We are now making plans for the summer holiday and T wants to visit again, my parents are delighted to have him again and it will really help with the childcare over the long holiday. The only downside - the cost of the petrol to transport him! My local petrol station (Morrisons) has unleaded at £132.9, which doesnt seem to bad in comparison to other suppliers at the moment.

T is back to school tomorrow and excited about this! He is very keen to see his friends. Beloved is also very happy as he has found someone to buy all his brewing gear for £130, its probably worth more, but he has cut his losses. I am giving serious consideration to have a car boot to raise a bit more cash and get rid of more stuff (clutter). At least we have saved a little money for the last couple of days - we havent needed to water the garden given all the rain we have had here, although I do think we are probably heading for a much drier summer. In all a positive week.
Bright Blessings x

Friday, 3 June 2011

Kitchen update

The kitchen has been finished for a while now, but I havent posted any pics until now.
This terramundi was given to us as a wedding present, it can hold up to £400 in pound coins. It currently has approximately £50 in it and I intend to carry on 'feeding'. Its a shame it will have to be smashed to get the money out. It lives on my kitchen window.
This jug is one of my favourite things, again its on my kitchen windowsill and filled with santini - a bargain price of a £1 at Morrisons.
This is other side of the jug, I had to have the light on, but you still can really see how lovely the colours are, it was a car boot find some years ago.

This lovely pine shelving unit holds my devon pottery and other bits of pottery, the walls are now painted a pale grey/blue - they used to be bright yellow!
The big jug on the top shelf is native american art and was given to me by my Aunt who lived in the states for over 40 years and the other jug on the top shelf is from prinknash abbey - great pottery. Below is my collection of seagull themed devon pottery.
More devon pottery, the dark blue is more unusual and the spotty was produced after Princess Margaret visited the potteries wearing such a spotty dress. All the devon pottery was given to my by Mum, she used to collect it, but decided she only wanted the green/brown. It was originally produced as cheap souvenirs for the tourists, but now has become collectable.

Thursday, 2 June 2011


I was recently given these freebies and they are rather nice.
This handbag has no wear and tear on it, I dont think it has ever been used.
I love this turquoise colour, again looks new and will look really good with the black tops I have for work.
Another cardie in good condition, the label is portfolio, which I know is from M & S and is not cheap. Again not been worn and will be good for work.

Ten year plan

If anyone has previously read my other blog, then they will know that I have recently talked about our 10 year plan to clear all our personal debt. The idea is to clear the overdraft, credit cards and my debt managment plan (DMP) within the next 10 years, although it will be more like 8 years. The idea was to start by clearing the overdraft on an account of Beloved's which is no longer in use. Well, I have to report that when we were paid last week, we paid off half the overdraft and by next month, this will be gone. One debt will be gone, we then start snowballing on the credit cards. I'm feeling very positive about this and I know that in the past, on my other blog, I was always moaning and being negative, well this is an attempt to stay positive about the debt and our finances and not let it control and run my life.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A new start

I have been becoming a bit fed up with the house of dub blog for a time now and rather than stop blogging, I felt it was perhaps time to change things and start afresh. I dont think that house of dub truly reflected what I want to blog about and I hope this blog will, although by its very nature, a blog seems to evolve over time. I want to blog about my life with my family, our pets and our attempts to clear the debts, clear the mortgage and reach our dream of living a simple life in a cottage by the sea. The blog will also include my attempts at a more frugal, thrifty and crafty way of living. Please join me on this journey.