Thursday, 29 May 2014

new blog

Just to remind you, I have a new blog Please join me. This blog will eventually go.
Update - I hope this link will work!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Well I haven't blogged in a   long time. Life has been very busy this blog has lost kitsmojo. Please come and join me at my new blog little river wanderer.

Monday, 7 October 2013

I know I said I wanted to post more, but life has been very busy. Time seems to be moving by fast, the summer holidays went by in a blur of time off, time on the beach - on the Isle of wight and just relaxing. T has started a new school and has celebrated his eighth birthday, growing up fast.Still no news on my job, but the process of privatisation appear to be gathering a pace. Any actual physical split of staff, the service etc will not happen at least until next April if not later. At the moment I have not made a decision on anything, my thoughts are to carry on, I still have a job at the moment and if there is an opportunity for voluntary redundancy then I could do ok, depending on the terms/conditions.

I still want to blog more regularly but bear with me, because life will get in the way.

Monday, 29 July 2013

I'm still here.........

Yes, I know it has been over two months but I have been still reading blogs, although not commenting and not blogging myself, just havent felt the blogging mojo and we have been busy. There has been great things and not so great things going on. In May beloved and I went to see Seth Lakeman in concert in Oxford - he was wonderful. We have also seen T invovled in a number of events in his last year at his current school - he goes to middle school in September and it has been great to see school plays, sports days and awards. We have also been enjoying the fantastic weather and have the summer holidays to look forward to.

The not so great things include now having a 3 year renewal driving licence due to my ongoing eye problems, which are not going to get any better - the best I can hope for is no further deterioration. At least I didnt lose my licence! Work is not so good, I work for the Probation Service and as many may know, it is up for privatisation and there is a lot of uncertain for everyone in terms of their jobs. I really feel like I am in limbo at the moment and it seems that we will not know where we stand for some time. Yes, I could be at risk of losing my job in the long term. In remembering my girl guide motto 'Be prepared', we are now saving a regular amount each month, in an attempt to have some sort of savings in the case I do lose my job. It wont be much, but at least its an attempt to do something positive rather than just wallowing in dejection and despair.

So as ever there is also positives and negatives, usually more negatives, but I keep trying to keep everything in perspective and just 'roll with the resistance'.
Till next time, bright blessings x

Monday, 6 May 2013

The Rollright Stones

A couple of weekends ago we had to go to Oxford, we made a day of it and on the way there we stopped at the rollrights - a group of standing stones and a very special place.I had wanted to go for some time, it was raining, but still wonderful, an ancient neolithic site with a dolmen - burial chamber and long barrows as well.
A very special place, I got goosebumps walking into the circle

Standing by the whispering knights dolmen

The witch!

The king's stone - separate from the circle and dolmen

The witch turning the king into stone
One of the main myths is that a witch turned a king and men into stone, also that you can not count the number of stones in the circle - T tried 3 times and got a different number each time - make of that what you will! I would throughly recommend the site for a visit. Till next time
Blessings x

I'm back

Hello to one and all, its been a while, we have been busy and there have been times when I havent wanted to step anywhere near the blog. Many thanks to all the thoughtful comments on my last post. My eyes are ok at the moment, just waiting for my next check up - not had a date yet. So what have we been doing. At the end of March, we went to the Volksworld show that is held at Sandown racecourse every year. I dont think we will go again, far too busy and the focus of the show has changed, anyway here are a few photos of some vehicles.
We could do with one of these if we get snow again!!

Home from home

You could have some fun in this Baja
We have also been to Portsmouth for the weekend at the beginning of April. We wanted to take T to the historic dockyard, well worth a visit, they have in the process of building a new museum around the Mary Rose, due to open later this year, but we did see the Victory and the Warrior, as well as boat trip around the dockyard and several other displays.
The Warrior

The Victory

Portchester Castle

The view from the castle tower

Outside the castle walls - originally dating back to roman times
Portchester castle was probably my favourite, although the boys like the dockyard.
The visit was helped by lovely weather

 This bank holiday weekend, we went to the VW show at Stanford Hall, in Leics, it was lovely weather and a great turnout, it is one of our favourite shows. This beetle was being shown as part of the historic VW club, no vehicle can be registered in the club unless it is pre-1979, with many of the vehicles being the split screen sort and early beetles.

I would like to go for a cruise in this cabriolet with the roof down.

T loves the military VWs
These are Kubelwagens, amphibious vehicles, great if you lived in an area prone to flooding!! It was very busy and we had a great time, beloved was able to pick up some very cheap parts that he needs - second hand - there are always people wanting to sell secondhand parts at these shows and it means that you can restore a vehicle a lot cheaply rather than always buying new. Back in a another post with a visit to a special place
Blessings x

Monday, 25 March 2013

Check up

I went back to hospital today for a follow up appt for my eyes. Once again, I had to have a lot of poking and prodding in my eyes, which has left them feeling very sore at the moment. The consultant told me that the drops have not worked sufficiently well enough and I have a different prescription. He told me that I dont have glaucoma at the moment as there is no nerve damage, but I'm at risk of this, if it was to remain untreated or I'm not on the right drops. From what he says, I will be on the drops long term and may have to take a combination. Anyway back for another checkup in 2-3 months time.